Attention Applicants! KoS Ethos and Requirements

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Attention Applicants! KoS Ethos and Requirements Empty Attention Applicants! KoS Ethos and Requirements

Post  Laszlo on Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:23 pm

Attention Applicants! KoS Ethos and Requirements Join-kos


KoS promote fair play, teamwork, maturity and good humour. We are the first Oceanic Warband clan; our ranks include many veterans from Beta. We are known for our excellent cavalrymen, and success in large battles.

We use Mumble, an open source VOIP program. Its clarity is far superior to Teamspeak or Ventrilo, it has less delay, and it uses less bandwidth. It also includes many nifty features, like 3D directional voice for Mount&Blade: Warband and other games. We all use Mumble when we play, it is virtually a requirement for the KoS.

Server Name:
Port: 64738

Recruitment Rules:
1. Register on this site, create an application thread in this forum.
2. Once applied, a single KoS leader (Inner Circle Knight or Grandmaster) is required to approve their application.
3. Once approved, a member joins the ranks as an Auxiliary using AoS_ tags and the teal heraldry.
4. Once an Auxiliary is of sufficient skill and repute, they shall be promoted to a Knight after a vote by current members. They then don the KoS_ tags and red heraldry.

Application Format:
Create a new thread, then post:
Warband in-game Name:
Taleworlds Forum Name:
Steam Name:
Preferred Class/s, playstyle, etc.:
Previous M&B Experience: (e.g. beta testing the original game, prior modding experience etc.):

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